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So I have like 6 people that want me to join their bands or jam because apparently I’m the only person in town that actually plays bass and everyone wants to play something different and on top of that I have orchestra and on top of that I have the music for auditions for jazz ensemble. I need more time for music

You should be in the band with the guys who pray to shrek, you know? The ones who are named brenden and jason?


can we talk about Moscow?? when Stalin was devolving the metro system, he had someone draft different possible versions of what would go where, and when Stalin decided on the final one, he circled the design and sent it back to the engineer. as not to offend Stalin or question his judgement, the engineer took Stalin’s addition on the map as an indication to include a circular metro line around the center of Moscow. and so there is…

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When Yo Parents Give You More Money Than You Asked 

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